Sunday, 28 October 2012

A Day of Exploring.

Today has been quite an eventful day!
We started off by waking up to our still cottage way before sun rise.
Then started layering up our clothes in anticipation for the ice cold weather.
And headed out to our cobbled street. 
All of our neighbours were still sleeping and still silent.
My Mama hopped into the back of our little red car and we started off.
Whilst serving coffee from flasks and handing out bacon and garlic 'sarnies' that I made the night before we headed to the old local train station.
This is where my older sister met us.

Still before the crack of dawn we landed in a field opposite the Farm Shop.
Everything was icy cold and still, except the few people gathered together setting up their little wooden stool tables.
My older sister ran down to get there first.
The sight just draws you in. 
The beautiful field all scattered with Vintage jewels and a huge Water Tower in the background.
It is truly a sight to admire!

We rummaged and rummaged and eventually came back with quite a handful we thought that you might like to see for yourselves.
So tomorrow I will start to put them up on our little shop/stool for you all to admire.
Have a good rummage! 

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