Sunday, 14 October 2012

Hopeful Wishes

 This new little shop of mine is growing up fast. It is like watching my baby brother growing into a fully grown nine year old. It all happens in an instant and you are not quite sure what to do about it. In some ways I hope it continues to grow but there are so many possibilities out there, some times I just want it all to slow down. I only have a few things in my shop but I have been dreaming about this for so long and now I finally get the opportunity to just go for it. 'Tis all coming to a bit of a shock to me!
 I have been stocking up this morning and have enjoyed every moment of it. I have also been trying to get lots of inspiration from family members and a good few photos I have found. Here's a few.

I love sets like these that all match the same in such a lovely way.

I definitely will be on the search for tea pots for the shop, I love each one
in this photo to pieces!

Afternoon tea sets in blue are always very pretty and a very British way to socialise in class.

Kate Mountbatten-Windsor sipping from a lovely little tea cup, very much like the royal navy blue tea cup
I just listed on etsy. Take a look in your spare time!

Oh, and just to finish this post off. Tomorrow I shall be listing even more goodies for you to browse. My husband just wanted to drop in that we have just bought an 'Asiatic Pheasant' serving tray much like our green plates on our Lobley Cottage shop that is 130 years old! When I saw it I instantly fell in love with it's design and very tasteful shape but my husband mentioned how faded it was getting. To be quite honest, that was one of the things that attracted me to it the most. My Ma mentioned how pretty it was. I think only a woman that is into Shabby Chic and Rustic pieces would understand. I bought it and am going to put it up for a very reasonable price tomorrow, hopefully so keep a watch out! 


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