Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Victoria Cake Bliss

By now, hopefully most people will know who Mary Berry is.
That is, if they come from England.
Let's just say she is my 'baking hero.'
I love just about everything about her.
Even more so, her recipes!
My favourite recipe of her's currently is 

'Mary Berry's Perfect Victoria Sandwich'

It is so simple, in fact the most simple and delicious cake I have come across.
It is so simple I have in fact memorized the recipe after only making it a few times!
So now that I have got the 'real jist' of it I am adding things as I go along.
Most recently was 'Green & Blacks' Organic Milk chocolate.
Scrummy, Scrumptious!
The most helpful thing is, the BBC have an on-line recipe for it for completely free and a video to go along with it.
Here is the video and recipe I am talking of:

I usually use this recipe for the topping to make it ever more lovely:

My favourite tool to help me do the job! 

I always like to add a pretty Bone China plate underneath when serving to guests.
It then makes the whole thing absolutely gorgeous!

My Asiatic Pheasant dish that I use for displaying any of my baked goodies.
And whola! You have got yourself a perfectly British and yummy cake to enjoy.

To change the subject completely, look what I've found!

Aren't they pretty?
I absolutely adore them to pieces.
Hopefully I will find some more like these
because these two are coming up for grabs today on my etsy shop.
I'd really quite like some similar ones for my cottage, though.
Whilst I have been finding time to list them I have been using them on my living room walls.
I have received so many compliments from family and friends on them.
My favourite one is the one on the left but they make such a lovely pair I bought them both!

Lots of Love,

Chloe xx

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