Thursday, 1 November 2012

A New Colour, A New Season

Today, I have decided, is the day I am going to pick up my half finished crocheted blanket. 
I started on it the Summer Chris asked me to marry him and I plan to finish it now that we are married.
I searched my wool cupboard for something I could use and I found a completely new colour.
My Mother in law bought it for me last year and I thought it would give the blanket more of a warm Christmasy look.
The main colours were red, brown and white.
So I though having a dark shade of green in there would make it look even more cosy during those long Christmas evenings.

This afternoon I have listed this lovely Vintage Serving bowl.
It was made by Wedgwood during the 1960's.
The hand engraved picture on the lid is of The Tower of London.
I think it is absolutely beautiful!

I will post again soon! 

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