Thursday, 6 December 2012

Thursday Loves!

So, this is my second ever 'Thursday Loves!'  Blog post.
I have to admit, I feel as though Thursdays are becoming the highlight of my bloging week. 
I just love to show you all what things have caught my eye over the past seven days and hearing your comments on what you think.

Yesterday, my sister and I went antique finding down in our little town centre. We came across some truly wonderful finds and I couldn't help but show them all off to you! As much as I really do want to display them in my home I am going to be putting them up on my Etsy shop.

These have to be some of my most loved and treasured pieces that I am going to be selling so I couldn't help but include them in this post today.

I bought two of these incredibly decorative and pretty side plates yesterday. They are both vintage and were made in Strappordshire, England. I love the bold colours and the fine details. The silver flowers around the village painting makes it a 'done deal' for me. It is just so pretty! Some of you must think I am crazy but I  just so easily fall in love with vintage china like this. 

This plate has to be my favourite of all. The whole colour scheme, in my case, is a dream come true. It is amazing to think what a long time ago it was made yet it matches the modern day idea of cottage chic so perfectly! This one was made by the Johnson Bros. by the company 'Windsor Ware.' 

On another note I have recently been getting back into Tumblr. So, I thought I'd show you some of my favourite Winter loving photos I have recently discovered on there. If you haven't seen my Tumblr. account already here is a link to it. 

I think Autumn has almost always been my favourite time of the year but so far this year I am pretty sure Winter has been the most happiest time of the year which kind of surprised me. I wasn't expecting it in the slightest. Maybe from now on Winter will be my favourite time of the year, after all. It could possibly be just the anticipation of snow and Christmas arriving? I suppose I shall find out this time next year! 

Have a lovely end of the week, all! 

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