Monday, 3 December 2012

Deck The Halls!

Calling all Christmas lovers! This morning I have been snapping shots of all our little festive corners in the cottage for you all. Chris and I have had so much fun dotting all of our much loved Christmas decorations every where. I have always loved especially the traditional type of Christmas decor, so we tried to achieve that as much as possible with the little time we had to shop and the little money we had to buy things with, he, he! 

These pretty pine cones sit on top of our wooden chest in the dining room in an Asiatic Pheasant vintage dish. I thought the dish was a little on the festive side with the red and white.

Some of the pine cones have been spray painted gold and scented with cinnamon.

This wreath I managed to pick up from Pound Land, would you believe it? I though it would look rather nice sitting on top of our oak coffee table as a centre piece with a few candles inside. I bought the lovely antique yellow and silver dish from the car boot sale for 50p and I decided I would melt wax crystals into it with some scented oil and TA DA! I have my very own Christmas scented candle.

This fire place wreath was entirely my husband's idea and project. I am very glad he finished it because it makes the whole room look excessively Chritsmasy which truly makes my heart sing! All he did was buy some green and white tinsel which had fake berries in and then got some fair lights and smashed them together and put it up with some nails and bob's you uncle, there you have it!  

This little bit of bunting was made by me a few years ago. It sits on our book shelves in the living room and is just a nice touch to our stacks of books. 

Noel! These wooden and metallic red blocks were bought in the end of year sales a few years ago and now sit next to our ivy plant by the window.

I can not tell you how much this photo makes my happy. Even though it is nothing special, to me it is a dream come true, A real Christmas tree!! Ah, I have so wanted a real Christmas tree for such a long time. We bought all kinds of different hanging decorations for it. All in the colour of red and gold. 

Can you spot my handmade tartan bird from my last post? It is happily sitting at the top near the twig star. 

I hope this post has given you some inspiration for these coming weeks. I am sorry if this blog is becoming consumed by Christmas but I just can not wait! He, he. 

I shall be posting again soon!
Chloe xx