Friday, 4 January 2013

Day Late - Thursday Loves

Goodness me, is any body other than myself in shock that Christmas is all together over?
I am finding difficulty in accidentally picking up something in the shops and telling myself it would make a lovely Christmas gift for so and so and then laugh at myself because Christmas was days ago!

I enjoyed Christmas this year more than any other Christmas I've ever had before.
Partly because it was spent mostly with Chris and partly because it was less stressful and more relaxed. I hope you are all having a lovely start to the New Year!

Since I have been back from seeing relatives I have found it tricky to get back into the swing of my piece of the World Wide Web. I have little to no contact here on the blog, Etsy, or tumblr. So forgive me I am being a bit slow. I forgot all about doing a post yesterday. There was so much laundry to do from emptying our suitcases and not to mention the tummy bug that has been going around here in England. Almost every one I know has or is feeling very down in the dumps with sickness.

Anyway. This week I have started a sewing project. It is nothing overly exciting but I am glad I thought of starting it. I have needed a new bag for a while now and literally my old one is falling to bits. My sister, Georgina, gave me a beautiful 'Next' bag which was my dream bag even though it was a hand me down and it was looking a bit worse for wear but it kind of had a vintage look to it. Now it is just plain tatty but it has had a good couple of years use out of it. Anyway, I decided I needed a new one so I shopped around and looked around but I couldn't find anything that was a reasonable price and what I thought was 'nice.' I did have my little eye on this beauty of a bag:

That I saw on one of my favourite blogs called 'Sprinkle of Glitter.' Louise, the authoress did a very good review on it. I decided seeming as I had a bit of money spent on me at Christmas I didn't feel as though I could get it with a clear conscience. I expect at least some of you will understand what it is like when you first set out in marriage and you are on a tight budget! 

 The sewing pattern that I ended up choosing for my future bag is from my Cath Kidston book called 'Sew!' 

I made this bag the year before the last and I loved the fabric the way it looked and everything.
I just wan't comfortable with how short the strap was and also how small the bag's body was.
So this week I am attempting to make a slightly bigger version by adjusting the pattern to about 10" bigger and also using a slightly cheaper fabric that I have had stored away. Which is so red tartan.

Some of you dedicated readers here at 'Lobley Cottage' may be questioning why I haven't mention the tartan dress since the post that I made about it. The reason for that is I uncer estimated how much time dress making takes. With the whole Christmas presents and organizing seeing family and going on holiday I didn't have a minute of spare time until now. As it was my first Christmas away from home the sudden weight of responsibility hit me a little hard, he, he! So, I have put that off for a while or so. I will be sure to post up some photos once I finally get it done. 

I am also sorry about not posting photos  up for my Gingerbread house. It is due to hungry visitors and an always hungry husband. It didn't stand a chance!  All I can say, is that it was yummy and pretty. What more could a girl ask for? 

On a slightly different note. I have been enjoying this rather funny lady on YouTube  She isn't everybody's cup of tea but I adore her and I think she is hilarious. I haven't laughed so hard in ages.

Oh, and here in England there has been a few series called, 'Miranda.'  Which is also a comedy. I don't usually like comedy shows but this one I can't help but love. She recently bought out her third series and now I am completely hooked. 

You can watch it over on the BBC.

I ought to go get my laundry done for the day so I shall hopefully post again soon!

Chloe xx


  1. Ah - I love that mint bag! Beautiful.
    And Cath Kidston... !!! The Martha series is brilliant;)

    1. Looks like we have lots in common, he, he! :D

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  3. That mint bag is darling! I can never justify spending lots of money on bags either, though, haha! I love the pattern you chose, and I bet it will look great in the tartan! Will you post photos of the finished product?(:

    Haha! That video was hilarious! I love that bit about the "naked" trees. :P

    Have you ever watched "Call the Midwife"? The actress in Miranda plays one of the nurses in that show! Her character is one of my favorites.(: I'll have to see if I can find Miranda to watch in the US.

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  4. Oh, I know it is almost justifiable but not quite, he, he! Yes, I am almost done now just got the handle to sew together and a few details then done, I will hopefully get some photos up this week ahead.
    Yes, I love that bit of the video too!
    Ooh, call the midwife is a great series!! I love it. She is certainly my favourite character in the series. :D xx

  5. I've got that cath kidston book and everything in there is so pretty! but I find that everything I've tried looks awful and nothing like the pictures in the book! practise makes perfect I suppose..