Thursday, 17 January 2013

Thursday Loves - Beauty Edition

Hey there, my loyal readers!
I had a fantastical idea today or at least I think I did.
As I have been reading and exploring various blogs recently I have started to realize that the posts I enjoy the most are these types:
Sprinkle of Glitter
 I came to thinking that I would actually really enjoy writing this sort of thing myself and I hope that you will enjoy reading it all too. As these thoughts came about I felt a little out of my depth because I am not a huge beauty product junkie and I don't have lots of pennies in my purse, hopefully you are getting the twisty jist of things. No matter how little products I have, I love them all dearly and wouldn't mind having a few more, either!

I got this really lovely purse from my parents as part of my Christmas package. I have a big purse from Cath Kidston already. I didn't want to waste my new one so I decided to use it as my every day make up bag. You can buy a similar purse from here for a little price of £6.00

Inside my everyday make up I keep a minimal of two lipsticks and a blusher so that if I go out during the day I can pop this little purse into my hand bag or even my coat pocket so that I can top up whenever I need to. 

I generally like to use these two lipsticks the most. A beautiful pink colour which has quite a bright pop of colour to it. The other is a fantastically bright red with amazing pigment to it! It just feels like luxury when putting it on!

I did a little swatch for the English Rose lipstick. I have to apologise for my ugly wrists. The one in the photo isn't so bad but my right wrist is covered in eczema. It is just something I haven't been able to get rid of since the day I was born.

This blusher is true bliss! I absolutely love it. I got this one off Ebay by a seller who is selling them brand new for under £5 which I think is brilliant! This particular one is in Shade 1 from MUA. I think as I am generally on a budget when it comes to think that aren't necessities MUA is one of the best brands that have good prices along with them. Just to warn you, if you are considering buying one of these for yourself they do break easily. The first time I bought this it actually broke before it arrived but the seller happily sent me a new one covered in bubble wrap so just make sure you don't drop it! You get 2.4 grams / 12 M of product for your money which I think is quite good value!

Another product I am loving at the moment isn't actually make up but I use it just as often, if not more so. My mother in law gave it to me for Christmas. She has used it for a very long time, as has her Mother! I have absolutely fallen in love with it. The product is a perfume called, Blue Grass. It is a floral scent but isn't over the top. I have used a few perfumes that were based on floral which have been a little over whelming but this one really isn't at all. It is not every ones thing as I know some might think it an 'old lady scent' but I think it is really elegant and pretty. 

If I remember rightly, My Mother in law mention you can pick it up from Super Drug for a relatively low cost. So I think this may become a regular staple for me.

I like the way this the bottle is quite simple but pretty. I sometimes find that the modern perfumes are in these silly tacky bottles that look rather pathetic on my simple antique dresser amongst vintage jewellery and combs. This bottle fits in perfectly, as silly as that sounds.

 One last thing to mention, I promise! It is I am afraid another Christmas present but this time I know exactly where it is from. How could I not when it is from my Auntie's shop? Now, as much as you may think it, I am not trying to get my Auntie more sales or any thing like that I just can't express how much I love her products. I love her website, true. But oh you should see her shop! It is absolutely scrumptious!  You walk down a quintessential English cobbled road and turn into a Tudor shop front that is filled with all a girl could ask for. Inside I can not express in words how good it smells ans how lovely everything looks. The next time I go over I shall have to try and take some photos. I only go there once a year at Christmas due it being on the other side of the country. This year she gave me some lovely bunting and this rather lovely basket of goodies! 

The shop:

Aaah, isn't it so rustic and lovely?

Oh, Durance Durance, Durance what can I say?! I have a stupid amount of their face moisturiser and now I have their soap as well, woohoo!  

I am ever so sorry but I can not get over how completely gorgeous this little bath bomb is. It smells great looks great and it has a lovely French twist on it like most of her products do! I can't say I shall be using it any time soon, I think it is much to pretty for that.

This lip balm is the best balm I have ever used before. It is so soft, smells amazingly zingy and not only that but it lasts for hours on end! 

So, now I have two incredibly lovely bath bombs that have beautiful fabric flowers in which I can not just let them wash down the plug hole!

After this very long post I think it is time to bring it to close. I think we may all just faint with the bountifulness of it all if I carry one, he, he! I shall hopefully write soon.

Lots  and Lots of Love,
Chloe xx


  1. That lemon bon-bon looks wonderful!

    You can't even tell you have eczema in the picture. My sisters kids all have it. Have you ever tried chickweed? That seems to help. You can drink it as a tea or apply it to the skin. Just a thought.

  2. Oh, the Balm works a treat!

    Ah, yes I have had so many prescriptions in the past. I shall have a look out for some, though. No, there is hardly any in the photo I just didn't want someone to point out there being a scab on my wrist. Could have given someone the wrong idea! xx

  3. That little make-up bag is adorable! I love the pattern! I really like those lipstick colors too...I don't know why, but I always have the hardest time finding lipstick shades I like and that look good on me! :P

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  4. Oh, I love the bag too! :D
    Tell me about it! I never seem to look right with certain colour types. Can get very annoying. I find it difficult with the Alarm Red not to look like a clown so I end up just blotting it rather than smearing, lol! :D

  5. That lip balm looks and sounds lovely xx

  6. Helooo! I've nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award:) Check out my blog for the details:) x

  7. I love Cath Kidson and your makeup bag is so cute!

  8. Aw, thank you every one you are all so kind! :D x