Saturday, 26 January 2013

Style Inspiration: 'The Help' & Taylor Swift

With the elegance of Grace Kelly and the poise of Audrey Hepburn, Taylor Swift seems to fit right in with the many vintage ladies that I look up to. Her understated feminine style mixes the classic silhouettes of the 50's and 60's to create a fun and wearable whimsical look.

While normally a celebrity would be the last place I'd look to for style inspiration, Taylor is certainly an exception! I love how tasteful and natural her hair and make-up looks and her lady like wardrobe. 

I watched a film earlier on last year called 'The Help'. I was so in love with the character's dress sense and the way they did their hair and make up. It was so authentic and lady like I couldn't help but swoon over the many dresses and bright lipsticks! 


Oh, it is all just so pretty! 


  1. I love the vintage look, taylor dresses really nice! x

  2. The Help is on my list of films to see... and because I never wrote that list down, I'm glad of this reminder!

    1. He, he! I forget things all of the time. :D xx