Thursday, 15 November 2012

DIY Weddings

So it has been a few months since Chris and I got married.
Time has gone really fast! 
I have been looking back over the photos of our wedding quite a lot recently.
It came to my attention that our Wedding could be certainly be defined as a DIY wedding.
Why? You might ask.
Let me list to you the things that I can think of on the top of my head that were handmade for our wedding.

My shrug was made by my wonderful Mother - in - law. Jenny hand knitted the shrug in the style and the wool that I wanted. It is the most comfiest thing I have ever worn and I think it looked ever so pretty! I was astounded with her talent and it has a very personal touch to it!

The groom's men all had their waistcoats tailored to their exact size also by Jenny.

My hair piece was made by this wonderful lady on Etsy. 

All of the bouquets and button holes were made by myself and a very loyal glue gun! ;) 

All of the food was hand prepared by our lovely caterer. She also made our gorgeous blue and white bunting Wedding cake with Love birds holding up the little flags. Oh, I adored it! 

All of the Church and Reception decorations were made and placed by myself.
With inspiration from various places like:

The Guest Book we decided that we wanted something more alternative and that people would remember as 'fun.' So we went in search for a pretty vintage type writer that could still work well and then set it up at the reception for people to write a note or two for the Bride and the Groom. It worked really well and I heard lots of people roaring with laughter as they were trying to get used to such an old thing! 

Chris and I were going for a simple, individual and personal wedding that family and friends would look back on and smile in their happy memories.

Whilst I was planning the Wedding I had to reach out in faith due to being so young and wanting such an individual Wedding. It was never easy to articulate what was being pictured in my mind and make all of those pictures and thoughts come to reality but thanks to helping hands from Family and in laws we managed to get there and very happily get there we did! 

This week I would like to give future Brides the opportunity to have something hand made, lovely and to their tastes by offering to make the very same favours I made for our wedding for them! 

This little jar of mints was given to each guest at the Reception in return to coming to our Wedding to celebrate. We received so many compliments on how cute and what a good idea they were! 
If you would like some for your own wedding, keep your eyes peeled on my Etsy shop. 

Love, Chloe


  1. I love reading about DIY weddings. Simple is always best and most DIY weddings are beautifully simple yet at the same time they are a display of imagination, creativity and personality.
    I L-O-V-E the typewriter. :)

  2. I really completely agree with you! Thank you so much for your comment. :D