Friday, 16 November 2012

For The Love of Tartan

Last Sunday whilst looking around a car boot sale Chris and I spotted an elderly gentleman trying to get rid of a few rolls of pretty looking fabric. I think he was having trouble trying to sell them due to there being so much on one roll, but to me that is just perfect! For 20 pounds I managed to get approximately 10 meters of beautiful red tartan, extra lovely for these ice cold months. There is something about tartan that warms my heart so I instantly feel head over heels in love with this particular fabric.

I have been an aspiring dressmaker for longer than I can remember and I feel like now is my chance to get down to making a beautiful frock especially for Christmas day. I am very determined for this to happen so hopefully once I have finished making it I shall post a photo of me wearing it for you all to see. 
I have been gathering a few ideas for what style I would like it to be. Here are a few of my inspirational photos I have found on Pinterest. All I have to do now is find a nice pattern and then get down to some sewing. Exciting stuff! 

What do you think?

 Chloe xx


  1. Hey!
    Thank you by follow my blog!
    I loved your blog, but I'm from Brazil and my English isn't too good, so will be a little bit complicated for me to read your posts, but I'll try, ok?

  2. Hello!
    Thank you for following me back. You are very talented to know English so much, don't worry about it not being perfect. I imagine I would be dreadful at trying to write in Brazilian! I love your blog, I uses translator in order to read it.

  3. Just found your blog- beautiful design! I love the vintage look and I think it is super fun that you know how to sew! Following <3 alex

  4. Aw, thank you! Yours is lovely too! :D

  5. I'm not sure how that surplice style would look in tartan... I think it would be lost in the patetrn. Maybe if you cut the bodice on bias? But that's more complicated...
    What I'm really trying to say - do you know the Sense & Sensibility patterns? They have some really lovely styles; recently, they introduced a simple 50s-style dress that might be perfect for your tartan.
    Even though it says "party dress", I think the style is actually very versatile.

  6. Hello there Hana!
    I really like the website that you showed me, thank you very much. The only thing is, my husband prefers me in ankle length dresses for modesty reasons. If you have any other ideas please et me know, they are much appreciated!
    P.s I am thinking of doing the dress with two different fabrics but hopefully mostly tartan. :)