Monday, 12 November 2012

Tea Pot Centre Piece

Whilst scanning Pinterest for nice ideas for our home 
I came across this rather lovely photo.

At first I wasn't quite sure what to make of it but I soon fell in love!
I think that it is just an excellent and creative way to store those collected treasures.
What better way is there than to show it off?!
I always try to find homes for things that I buy and then, quite often, 
they end up in a cupboard
but this photo has given me the inspiration to be a little more brave.

I also found this photo of an old fashioned dresser.
I have a dresser of my own and at the moment everything being housed by it are a little bit mismatched.
I suppose that is the art of dressing a dresser, he, he!
I would like it to be a little more practical like this one below.
My one at home is full of old memories and things that are very personal.
As my dresser is sat in the entertaining part of the house 
I am considering maybe making it look more like this one,
with less personal objects sitting on it.

I love the way this particular dresser is so distressed in style.
It has a true 'farm house' feel to it!
I personally think that the more aged a piece of furniture is 
the more it gives off a sense of cosiness to the room that it is in.

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